Of Course, Mixing Sound Is An Art

artist tape thetapeworks.comIf you’re having trouble buying console tape locally, it may be because you are asking for the wrong thing.

We call Shurtape 724 “console tape”, and it has been the tape of choice for sound pros for console marking for many years.

It is actually much more commonly known as “artist tape”. Graphic artists like it for doing layout work because it can be removed without damaging surfaces and can be re-positioned and still stick.

You can find it at art supply stores and stores that specialize in crafting supplies.

Mixing In The Dark? Use Glow Tape For “Lane Markers”

glow tape from thetapeworks.comSometimes sound mixing in specialized environments require that you work in the dark. Even a small console light is more than the event manager will allow for certain dramatic parts of a show.

When this happens, small pieces of glow tape fixed to critical controls on the console can help you grab the right knob in the dark.

Just a sliver of glow-in-the-dark tape affixed to a critical fader handle or mute switch will make sure that you hit the mark, even when the mix position is in black out mode.

It has an adhesive that is safe for expensive electronics and can be re-positioned to another point on the mixer for later use.

Bling Is Not Just For The Performer Anymore

sharpie marker from thetapeworks.comOne sign that a singer has “made it” is a custom bejeweled microphone that is theirs and theirs alone. Snoop Dog to Beyonce to Diddy. They all have mics that are customized for just them.

Now the man at the mix position can have a little bling of his own. Instead of just a regular Sharpie Marker, how about a shiny stainless steel marker?

The Sharpie Stainless Steel marker has the same fine point design that most mixers prefer when marking a console, but it comes with a stainless steel barrel and is refillable, using the same waterproof, smear proof and fade resistant ink.


New Console Tapes Glow In Black Light

neon yellow console tape from thetapeworks.comDeejays and rave performers will love a new line of paper label tapes that glow under black light.

Neon artists tapes from Pro Tapes and Specialties have the ability to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, adding a new feature to those who do sound in environments where black light is used.

These tapes still use the high quality adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly and leave no residue and they can be written on with Sharpie Markers with no print through or bleed.


Too Enthusiastic With The Sharpie? This Will Clean It Up

paper label tape from thetapeworks.comThe Sanford Sharpie Marker is the industry standard for labeling sound consoles and other electronic gear. Every well-prepared tech has one in his pocket.

When you use properly coated label tape like Shurtape P724, then Sharpie bleed through (bleeding through the tape and onto the equipment).

The problem comes when, usually in the dark, you overshoot the label tape with your labeling and get ink on the equipment. It is designed to dry quickly, so unless you wipe it almost immediately, it is there to stay.

If you want to remove it, the best solution is to rub it very gently with a soft, clean rag and some acetone (available at the hardware store).

Take extra care when working on or around screened surfaces that have text, numbers and other information printed directly on the equipment.

With a little care, you can have the equipment looking brand new.


Labeling A Console? Don’t Forget The Scissors

scissors for cutting console tape-Thetapeworks.comOne of the best things about Shurtape 724 label tape is that it is hand tearable-no tools required.

Unfortunately, what it does not do is tear straight. Not needing a tool is great, but using scissors to cut your console tape does more than just give you a nice straight line.

By cutting it and giving it a crisp edge, you minimize the chance of moisture or contamination creeping under the tape, which will eventually cause it to curl and peel off.

Since most sound people have a tool box within easy reach all the time anyway, the addition of a small pair of scissors is worth the extra weight.