“Repositionable” May Mean That The Tape Is Not Sticky Enough

paper label tape from thetapeworks.comShurtape 724 features an adhesive which is described as “repositionable”, which means that the tape can be removed cleanly from one surface and re-applied to another, a very useful feature when labeling audio gear.

That may mean that this tape is not suitable for other uses where more adhesion is needed.

A common complaint among users who try this product in other applications is that it is not sticky or that it curls up.  Both are legitimate complaints, but can be blamed on using the wrong “tool” for the job.

In order to get maximum adhesion  from Shurtape 724,  there are couple of tips that might help.

Never touch the sticky side of the tape.  Moisture and oil from your skin reduce its adhesion.

Use in a low humidity environment where the sticky side of the tape won’t absorb moisture.

If you need to remove and then re-adhere the tape, make sure that the adhesive side is not contaminated with dirt or dust.

If a tape that can be written on but which has a more aggressive adhesive is called for, gaffers tape may be what you need.

Console Tape Companions

gaffers tape from buytape.comAudio visual technicians who use Shurtape 724 for console labeling may find the need for additional tape products in their day to day projects.

One of the most important is gaffers tape, a cotton cloth tape designed for temporary holding of cables and lots of other tasks on stages and sets.

Gaffers tape uses a high quality synthetic rubber adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly, leaving no sticky residue on calbes, carpets or floors.