Like Lines On A Parking Lot

Properly marking a sound console with tape can often mean more than just giving a name to each input with paper labeling tape.

Use of large consoles can also be well served by adding some vertical tape lines between input sections to quickly draw your eye to the section of the console that needs attention.

Since each individual slider may have as many as a dozen vertical knobs associated with it (equalization, aux sends, monitor sends, attenuators, etc.), these vertical lines can make it much easier to quickly go to the set of inputs that you want to work on.

Putting different colored tape stripes between logical input sub groups (vocal, keyboards, drums, etc.) can make the sound person’s job much easier.

Our preference for this is to use very thin gaffers tape (1/2 inch), known as “spike tape” in the theatre.

White Console Tape Doesn’t Start Out That Way

paper bagShurtape P724 console label tape is made from a type of paper referred to as “kraft”. Kraft paper is stronger than lots of other papers because of a manufacturing process that removes one of the components of wood pulp that negatively impacts paper strength.

By removing most of the lignin in the manufacturing process, the paper becomes stronger. The best known use for kraft paper is making shopping bags.

In order to make the paper the bright white which is prized as a characteristic of console labeling tape, it is bleached while still in the pulp format.

Mixing In The Dark? Use Glow Tape For “Lane Markers”

glow tape from thetapeworks.comSometimes sound mixing in specialized environments require that you work in the dark. Even a small console light is more than the event manager will allow for certain dramatic parts of a show.

When this happens, small pieces of glow tape fixed to critical controls on the console can help you grab the right knob in the dark.

Just a sliver of glow-in-the-dark tape affixed to a critical fader handle or mute switch will make sure that you hit the mark, even when the mix position is in black out mode.

It has an adhesive that is safe for expensive electronics and can be re-positioned to another point on the mixer for later use.

Console Tape Companions

gaffers tape from buytape.comAudio visual technicians who use Shurtape 724 for console labeling may find the need for additional tape products in their day to day projects.

One of the most important is gaffers tape, a cotton cloth tape designed for temporary holding of cables and lots of other tasks on stages and sets.

Gaffers tape uses a high quality synthetic rubber adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly, leaving no sticky residue on calbes, carpets or floors.