Shurtape 724 Features “pH Neutral” Adhesive

plus_minusBy using an adhesive formula that is “pH neutral”, Shurtape 724 insures that it neither acidic nor alkaline.  Use of a neutral adhesive insures that the surfaces of expensive electronic equipment will not be damaged when the tape is applied.

The most well known pH neutral solution is pure, distilled water.




Sound Man’s Secret Revealed

Shure microphone from thetapeworks.comThe sound guy has a secret weapon in his tool box that every person who does “hands on” production work needs to know about.

The tape he uses to label the sound mixer, console tape,  has hundreds of other uses around the stage or set.

Because this tape can be written on with a Sharpie Marker with no worries about bleed through, it is the ideal product for generating temporary labels for almost anything that needs to be marked.  Dressing room doors,  steps, lockers-they can all be given highly visible temporary labels using Shurtape 724.

Hazards in the dark like the edges of a stage or the location of the top of a temporary stairway or ramp can be made more visible in poorly lighted areas.

Use it to post schedules and set lists to the wall without worry of paint damage or adhesive residue when the are removed.

Shurtape 724 paper label tape has a place in every work box or gear bag.




Shurtape 724-What Makes It The Best Console Tape On The Market

label mixer with tape from thetapeworks.comTwo primary characteristics make Shurtape 724 the best console labeling tape you can buy.

1.  The Adhesive-Shurtape 724 uses a synthetic rubber adhesive that is designed to remove from screen printed metal surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue.  It comes up clean and is “repositionable”, meaning that you can reapply it later if you need to.

2. The Backing-Impregnated kraft paper is impervious to markers like sharpies, meaning that your labeling will not bleed through onto the surface behind it.

Here’s a link to the specs for Shurtape 724.