Electrical Tape Is NOT For Consoles

White electrical tape from thetapeworks.com

I recently stumbled upon a pro audio blog that was actually recommending the use of white electrical tape for console labeling. That is definitely not a good idea.

The rubber-based adhesive used for electrical tape is much more likely to leave a sticky residue on your console than paper tape or even gaffers tape.

Once that adhesive starts to build up on your console, it can start to migrate into the faders and other controls and start causing a number of problems that you can’t see. Sticky faders can be really hard to clean.

Because electrical tape has a smooth vinyl finish, Sharpie Marker is really easy to smudge, so you can’t touch the label until the marker ink is completely dry. This takes just a second with proper paper tape, but may take a really long time with electrical tape.

Finally, electrical tape is not really hand tearable, so in the process of tearing it, you also stretch it. That makes it narrower and gives it a wrinkly finish, both of which make labeling more difficult.