Want “Smudge Free” Labeling? That’s Tough For A Leftie

label mixer with tape from thetapeworks.com

I grew up in a family of left handers and watched as my brothers struggled to write without smudging their work. It took a lot of effort to learn just how to hold a pen or pencil.

When labeling a sound console with a Sharpie Marker, you really have to be careful to keep the side pad of your palm off of your labels until it has a chance to dry.

Since Permacel 724 paper tape is coated, it does not absorb the ink from the marker. Until the ink actually has a chance to dry (it takes only a few seconds), touching it with the side of your hand will smear the ink across your label, staining your hand in the process.

Either keep your hand off the labeling or learn to write from lert to right!